Discover Limitless Opportunities for Your Business in Pierce County

smiling female shop owner

According to the Nebraska Thrive Index, Pierce County is:


in Growth


in Economic Opportunity and Diversity

Pierce County, Nebraska has become an entrepreneurial hub.

People in their late twenties and early thirties are moving back and starting businesses, or buying them as people retire. As a result, there have been 55 new businesses opening in the past 5 years. These businesses have filled our downtowns and range from professional service companies to hardware stores, restaurants, car washes, salons, a grocery store and everything in between. The demand is high and entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to meet the need.

How have entrepreneurs succeeded in Pierce County? In part, because of the support provided by Pierce County Economic Development and our partners. We are finding space, negotiating the sale of businesses, and funding entrepreneurs through Revolving Loan Funds, grants, and other financial incentives. And, with broadband throughout the county, we can support technology as well. If a business wants to grow in Pierce County, we will find a way to make it happen.

We need more businesses and commercial and housing development to support our growth (and we have grant funds to make the deal more profitable). Contact us for more information and hands-on assistance.