Hands-on, Real Support & Financial Incentives for Pierce County Businesses

“Support” can mean a lot of things. It can mean a desire to help, it can mean providing information and online resources that entrepreneurs have to sift through. In Pierce County, “support” means rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. If you are an entrepreneur here, we will work alongside you to help turn your dreams into reality. This can mean helping to create a business plan and financial projections, finding space for your business, securing financial resources to fund it, and help you to find workers and market your business after it’s launched.

Real support works. How do we know? Because 55 new businesses have opened in the past 5 years and our downtowns are full. In an age, where Main Streets are vacant, ours are thriving!

hardware store ownerHow PCED Helps Businesses

  • People want to have a business but don't know how to start. The business assistance we offer helps people get their dreams off the ground because we help them create business plans and financial proformas.
  • Revolving loan funds are used to fund business startups or expansions.
  • Banks are more likely to lend money when our partners contribute money through the  revolving loan fund.
  • We secure grant funds that can be used on development or business projects.
  • As people look to retire, we help put packages together to transition the business to a younger owner, often contributing or securing funding to make the deal work.
  • We connect entrepreneurs to each other, creating growth opportunities.
  • PCED helps to locate sites and buildings for business growth.
  • Bringing community partners together is what we do so if an entrepreneur needs something PCED can’t help with, we know who can and will bring them to the table.

Contact PCED for help with your business.