Unleash Your Business's Success Story in Pierce County

According to the Nebraska Thrive Index, Pierce County is #1 in growth, economic opportunity and skills. People are moving home to Pierce County to raise their families and start, or take over, businesses. This has led to increased population growth, expanding schools, and incredible business opportunities. In the past 5 years, 55 new businesses have started in Pierce County and we invite you to join them. Our target industries are where we see the most immediate opportunity, but all industries would thrive here thanks to our ease of doing business, interstate and rail connectivity, and proximity to a community and four-year college.

housing developer map, hands, toy houseHousing Developers

New housing is in high demand in Pierce County. People are choosing to move back to raise their families and as they do, we need more housing units for them and those who are graduating from our incredible school systems.

The opportunity is enhanced by the growth of Norfolk, which borders Hadar in Pierce County. Land is more affordable in Pierce County than in Madison County, but the drive is just a few minutes. Developers can build in Hadar and serve Norfolk’s and Pierce County’s workforce.

Pierce County Economic Development has provided housing developers with grant funds to make building in Pierce County an even more attractive opportunity. We’re willing to do it again. Contact us for more information.

can food processing plant lineHuman and Pet Food Processing

Our proximity to raw agricultural materials, along with interstate and rail access for transportation, makes Pierce County a natural fit for the food processing industry. We also have access to one of the world’s rarest resources - water. The past decade has demonstrated how critical it is for businesses to locate near a large water supply. Pierce County sits on the world’s largest aquifer - the Ogallala Aquifer. Build here and you’ll never run out of the water your food processing company needs.

In addition, the Food Processing Center of Nebraska is the world’s leading multi-disciplinary resource for the food industry, offering consulting, education and business assistance. This is one of the many resources available in Nebraska to the food processing industry.

wheat harvest combine and tractorAgriculture and Agtech

Nebraska was built on agriculture and Pierce County embraces this heritage. The same resources that make us an ideal fit for food processing (agricultural access, the Ogallala Aquifer’s unlimited supply, and transportation corridors) make us a natural fit for agriculture and agtech as well. Northeast Community College offers 13 agriculture-related training programs, making it easy to hire talent who understands the industry and knows how to leverage the latest technology.

construction siteCommercial Developers

With 55 new businesses starting in the past 5 years, Osmond, Pierce, and Plainview’s downtowns are full. We have 8+ businesses waiting for commercial space. Commercial developers could easily build in Pierce County and pre-fill the space. PCED may be able to provide grant funds and financial assistance to the development project as well.

broadband cablesTechnology

Rural communities like Pierce County, Nebraska, are an excellent place to start or grow a technology company. Our cost of living and cost of doing businesses are remarkably low. So much so that people can sell their homes on the west coast and buy one in cash here. With fewer living expenses it becomes easier to invest in your company. Plus, our broadband speeds are fast. Pierce County is in the top 3% for broadband speeds in Nebraska and Plainview is a designated Smart Community. Our schools also have technology tracks that are preparing students to enter the workforce.

70% of graduating students continue their education at Northeast Community College where the following programs make them work-ready in two years or less.

man fishing from the shoreTourism

As people look to get out of the city for vacation, Pierce County is a natural fit. The Willow Creek State Recreation Area offers boating, fishing, horseback riding, archery, hiking, and more. It draws people from throughout the country and offers camping spots so people can stay longer. In fact, all of our communities offer free camping but what we don’t have is a hotel along the highway. There is land along Hwy 20 in Plainview that would be ideal for a hotel property. As an added draw, Hwy 20 is one of America’s historic highways and frequently traveled by people looking to make the most of their road trip memories.