Pierce County Data for Site Selectors & Businesses

Pierce County, Nebraska is growing and thriving thanks to an effective campaign to bring people back home and support entrepreneurship. Over 55 businesses have started in the past 5 years, all of our schools are expanding, new parks and recreation facilities have been built, and we have businesses looking for additional space. Bottom line - growth is all around us.

According to the Nebraska Thrive Index, Pierce County is:

in growth
in Economic Opportunity and Diversity
in Education and Skills
in Quality of Life
Among its Peers

Pierce County: Where Your Business Finds its Full Potential

Business Hand-shakeGrants, financial incentives, and hands-on support offered by PCED make Pierce County the destination for businesses looking to start or expand. Our interstate and rail access, along with close proximity to major metros like Des Moines, make us an ideal jumping off point as well. And, when it comes to broadband, we are in the top 3% in Nebraska for coverage and fast connectivity.

As a region, Northeast Nebraska is home to a workforce of 116,500 people. Businesses can tap into this talent pool and easily recruit from adjacent communities, like Norfolk, in addition to hiring the skilled and hardworking people of Pierce County. In other words, the raw data tells only part of the story.

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