Pierce County is Ranked #1 in Education

kids raising hands for teacher next to chalkboardAccording to the Thrive Index, Pierce County’s population is #1 in education and skills. We have three school districts and each is excellent. They offer unique educational opportunities in a safe environment. For example, every school has added classrooms and they all provide opportunities to earn college credit or complete an internship while still in high school. They also offer strong music, arts and sports programs.

Students are welcome and supported, as one alumni of Pierce High School shared, This is a … “fantastic school with very welcoming faculty and students. I came junior year and felt like I had been there since I was in kindergarten. Make friends fast and the teachers help you prepare for college starting almost sophomore year. Felt very ready and excited to start college! They have great dual credit programs as well through college in the area. Very easy to take any class that you could think of. Teachers are thorough and are fantastic at explaining when you don’t understand. Nearly every faculty member knew my name from the start of the year which made fitting in seem easier.”

As for college, Northeast Community College, among the top ten in the nation, borders Pierce County. Many of our high school students take classes there and graduate high school with a certificate or associate’s degree.