Experience Pierce County's Irresistible Charm and Love Every Minute

farmers market vendorPierce County is full of charming, unique downtown areas that are thriving. Full of local businesses, downtown areas are the perfect place to shop and find something handmade and locally sourced. The Milkhouse features locally made artistic items to fill your home. In Hadar, handicraft wholesaler, KoeppecraftsArt, features handmade items by local artist Shelley.

Live Music in Pierce County

Bars and restaurants regularly feature live music and are the perfect place to gather with friends. Head to Keystone Bar or Nebraska 13/20, a bowling alley and music venue, in Plainview. In Osmond, Thomsen’s Corner Bar has live music and Charlie’s in Pierce has events, a shuffleboard league and fun activities throughout the week.

Future Growth

PCED is working with Plainview, Osmond and Pierce to develop Creative Districts. These will be areas with a concentrated focus on the arts and community events.

The Plainview Arts Council is already active in the community and organizes things like outdoor concerts at the Bandshell Park, Christmas concerts, children’s concerts and artist presentations.